Did you know that Halloween started as a Christian holiday?  

Or that Advent wreathes were once wagon wheels?

Have you ever wondered why we use ashes on Ash Wednesday 
or why the Magi carry three gifts?

“Tracing the Traditions” answers those questions, and more, based on the traditions, history and liturgical celebrations of the Christian church.  The column was first devised for use by Catholic newspapers, however, most of the topics are relevant to all Christian denominations and we welcome all churches and Christian schools to consider the columns for background, education, bulletin or group study/discussion use.

Archived articles  
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Author background: Pat Kasten has been a Catholic journalist since 1985 and is currently associate editor of The Compass in Green Bay, Wis.  She has a master’s of theological studies degree from St. Norbert College in De Pere and advanced catechist standing with the Green Bay Diocese.  Over the past years, she has received writing and editing awards from the Catholic Press Association of The United States and Canada and The Wisconsin Regional Writers Association.  She is also author of the Scripture Search puzzles, printed in several Catholic papers.  She can be reached at [email protected]

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